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You've found the right place.  Our lessons and camps are a place to learn as well as have fun. We are dedicated to increasing the confidence of those new to the sport and provide FREE rental equipment, protective gear with classes delivered by qualified instructors. 

Who runs these sessions?


We do! We are OFSTED registered, have enhanced DBS background checks, accept childcare vouchers (Edenred) and have tonnes of experience teaching kids. We also use the Earn Your Stripes (EYS) programme developed by the UK Inline Skating Association to teach skating. All students receive an EYS booklet at their first session which includes a guide to safer skating away from our classes.



Who are they open to?


We focus on kids aged 4+ to 13 years old. Sporty 4 year olds are welcome. We once had a 3 year old join us but that was an exception rather that the rule. Generally, parents know best when the time is right to roll.

When can my child join?

Mid or end-of-the-week attendees are welcome. Every day features a camp dedicated to beginners. As part of our OFSTED registration commitment we require online pre-registration for our group sessions. There are discounts for the earliest registrations and in terms of the sessions all new skaters go through the basics in their first session.

Should I choose rollerblading or skateboarding for my child?

Both! Rollerblading is easier to learn, particularly for younger participants. Skateboarding requires a bit more determination however, it is skateboarding that is in fashion at the moment.
When choosing a camp it is important to note there is more continuity when attending a whole day. Kids on a full day mix in more groups and tend to make more friends.

Want to see more?

Take a look at our facebook and instagram pages. There was even a hilarious student-produced review on YouTube of one of our camps!





Did you say STICKERS?


Yes but shhhhh......That's between you, us and anyone else reading this page. There are twelve stickers and skills to learn in EYS 1 including striding, sliding, stopping, spinning, backwards, tricks and games.
EYS 2 is work in progress.


Do you follow the stickers in order, i.e. sticker 1 - 2 - 3, etc?


Aside from the basics we follow no set order for teaching skills. This keeps lessons exciting and allows us to incorporate games into lessons. Group tasks, slalom, rollersoccer and other ball based activities keep sessions fun and energy levels high.




Why should I learn to skate?


  • Inline skating and skateboarding are great fun and can help with your skiing, ice skating, surfing and snowboarding technique.

  • Vigorous skating is a great workout and burns 200 to 700 calories per hour in adults. That clocks in at just between running and cycling. Unlike running, skating is low impact on joints.

  • Skating lessons are a ticket to other disciplines such as speed, slalom, half pipes as well as other specialised sports such as downhill, rollersoccer and inline hockey




What equipment do I need?

We provide everything. Skateboarding, inline skates, wrist, knee and elbow protection and helmets. Once you decide to commit to a course we recommend buying your own equipment or take advantage of our free equipment rental (camps only)


Where do they take place?


Skate camp is currently available in Kensington Gardens. Private lessons are available in Battersea, Kensington and Hyde Parks. We teach adults too and can work with mixed ability and age groups. Our skate camps features inline skating and skateboarding - more on  Wheel Excitement Day Camps

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