WHEEL EXCITEMENT; Joint rollerblading and Skateboarding lessons

Be excited. Be WHEELIE excited! Joint Rollerblading and Skateboard classes. Summer holidays and Half terms.
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WHEEL EXCITEMENT is a great way to keep kids active and busy during the holidays/weekends.
Each day consits of

1) Inline skating (rollerblading)


2) Skateboarding

Attendance can be for just inline skating or skateboarding (half days), one day of both or our full five day camp which was reviewed on Tripadvisor.




Essential information

When: 10-4pm, Monday to Friday in holidays, Saturdays in term time.

Where: The Albert Memorial, Kensington, W2 2UH

Who are Zebra Skate?: UKISA qualified instructors with Enhanced DBS checks

Description: Sessions available for half days, full days, full weeks.
Prices include equipment if requested during registration.

Pricing: £55 for a half day, £80 full day, £280 for a full week.
Half days are either 10 till 1pm (Rollerblading) or 1 till 4pm (Skateboarding)

Ages: 5 and above. Sporty 4 year olds/scooter lovers welcome.

Where do I register?: ON OUR REGISTRATION PAGE





Daily Schedule

10:00am.  Meet outside the Darwin Building, The Royal College of Art. We meet at the exit of the Royal College of Art directly opposite the Albert Hall. by the RED ARROW ABOVE.
We meet here each day to collect/drop off equipment.

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10:10am. Walk to the park (approx 5 minutes)

10:15am to 12:15pm Inline Skating. Standing up, falling, going, stopping, turning, speed etc.
For more advanced students, Earn Your Stripes Level 2 (cross-overs, t-stops, hockey stops etc).

12:15pm to 1:15pm Lunch. Please provide food / drinks in a packed lunch.
There are also park kiosks nearby and open throughout the day.

1:15pm to 3:00pm Skateboarding. Foot Placement, balance, stance, Skating etiquette
For more advanced students, 540 Flips, double kick flips, speed slalom etc.)
3:00pm to 3:20pm Kids have a choice; wheel-less games (Football, Freeze, Frisbee, Tag etc)  or more roller sports. Most kids choose the latter which is a great reflection of the course!
3:20pm. Packing away equipment and walk back to The Royal College of Art to drop off equipment.
3:50 to 4:00pm. Children collected once parents / guardians arrive.

At the end of each course (Friday) we finish class earlier to present a some prizes and and a small surprise!




2017 camps

(For the cheapest prices book at least 2 weeks in advance)


Monday 10 July to Friday 14 July
Monday 17 July to Friday 21 July
Monday 24 July to Friday 28 July

Monday 31 July to Friday 4 August
Monday 7 August to Friday 11 August
Monday 14 August to Friday 18 August

Monday 21 August to Friday 25 August
Monday 28 August to Friday 1 September



Monday 23 October to 27 October 2017


Teaching Location

The Royal Albert memorial opposite the Royal Albert Hall. SW7 2AP

The Royal Albert Memorial



(E) Early Bird Pricing - Over 2 weeks before session
(S) Standard Pricing - 2 weeks to 48 hours before
(L) Last minute - Less than 48 hours before

5 days (full day)

(E) £250 per child.*

(S) £265 per child.*
(L) £280 per child.*

5 consecutive days)


5 days (half day)

(E) £175 per child.*

(S) £185 per child.*
(L) £200 per child.*





*10% discount for siblings.

*15% discount for any 3+ students signing up simultaneously (week long course only)



1 day


(E) £60 per child.*

(S) £70 per child.*
(L) £80 per child.*




Half day

(E) £45 per child.*

(S) £50 per child.*
(L) £55 per child.*

Inline Skating (10am-1pm).

Skateboarding (1pm-4pm).


Can my child join if they are a beginner?


Yes. We teach from scratch and begin sessions on the grass explaining the basics such as falling, getting up and proper equipment assembly. This course is for kids that want to improve their skating; be they absolute beginners or 'movers and improvers' 


We can provide:

​Inline skates


Helmets - if your child has their own bike or skate helmet they may use it

Wrist, knee and elbow protection


all free of charge on the condition these are requested at registration.

Please indicate which equipment and, if required, UK shoe sizes for inline skate rental.






You can book using the link below.
In line with our commercial agreement with the Royal Parks these are the terms of registration.
Once we receive your registration we will send details on how to pay and this must be completed within 24 hours of receiving our email. Re-registration is required should payment be made after this period.

Our refund and change policy is below.

Register here



Changes and cancellations


We require two weeks notice before course start date for a refund.

There is a £5 charge per booking for refunds.

Payments are not returned for cancellations made less than two weeks before session start date (after 10am, 7 days before).
Changes to dates can me made up to one week before course commencement (before 10am, 7 days before session start date) at no charge provided there is space on the course.
We do not permit changes to bookings if we move to our covered location.


What if it rains (please read carefully)

A litle bit of bad weather is not a problem however in extreme cases we move to a covered location north of Kensington Gardens, next to ROYAL OAK tube station. The entire day of camp will take place there and you will be informed via the number supplied at registration by 8am on the morning of your session. Please add Nanny or responsible adults phone numbers to your registration form. We do not accept changes to camp attendance due to bad weather.



Class size 

We have a maximum of eight students to an instructor and the average tends to be 4 to 6 kids.

This helps us keep groups small, split according to ability and maintain high levels of individual attention. Mixed age and ability groups are not a problem.

Teaching style 

We spend approximately half our time working on learning new skills via the Earn Your Stripes teaching programme (1 and 2) and half on games such as races, relays, slalom and Rollersoccer. We can teach total beginners as well as more advanced skaters





Class Focus 

We love skating and we aim to pass on our passion to your children. There are huge benefits of learning skate technique that go beyond skating itself. Learning to fall, get up, try again and work towards something is a useful life skill. See more on our FAQs section. Our classes have three main ingredients.




We provide all the protective gear for two reasons. Firstly, to protect kids from falls and scrapes. Secondly, experience has taught us protection allows skaters to push further and actually learn faster. We are qualified with the UK Inline Skating Association (UKISA) and follow the UKISA Guide To Responsible Skating. Kids may take off protective equipment when resting. When skating protective gear is compulsory.


This course is the official preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and the David Beckham School of International Rollersoccer

We are of course just kidding :)
Our focus is on having fun and keeping the challenge exciting.



Once we have a safe and fun environment these are the conditions best suited to learning recreational roller sports. Rather than saying they learnt a lot we prefer kids saying they love skating and want to come back for more.


Can I leave my kids with you? 


Yes of course! You are also more than welcome to remain present with us during the lesson. However work, social and family commitments can prevent you being present so there is no problem with you leaving your child with us.

As well as being OFSTED registered, qualified with the UK Inline Skating Association and having a nominated first aider present our instructors have enhanced DBS checks. Organisations with relevant authorisation can check this via the online update facility for Disclosure & Barring Service.




What if my child gets tired or the equipment hurts?


When this happens children can take off equipment and join our games with normal footwear. 


Does my child have to wear a helmet


As with all protective gear during class children are required to wear helmets at all times while they practise roller sports with us. We provide protective wrist, knee and elbow pads as well as a skate helmet. If your child would prefer to wear a cycle helmet they can bring their own. Cycle helmets offer a higher ventilation rate and for this reason tend to be more comfortable. However, they offer less protection at the back of the head. 



We include 30 minute mini-workshops on how to maintain equipment during the course of the week. This includes; wheel rotation, when to repair/replace gear, different size skates/boards for different disciplines.


Buying advice for parents

If you would you like your child to have their own equipment we have experts from both inline skating and skateboarding on hand to offer advice on what equipment to buy. We are not sponsored and can therefore offer impartial advice.


More FAQs

Is 4 years old too young? Is three years old too young? More here!


Any queries or concerns?


Contact us about Wheel Excitement Summer Camp.

Register for Wheel Excitement Summer Camp.


Contact us today!

If you wish to book a lesson or have an enquiry we are happy to help:

0203 287 5283


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